Crocheted Chrysanthemum Dishcloths

I’ve become addicted to this crochet pattern.  While I’m watching a movie, it takes me about an hour and fifteen minutes to complete one of these (I might could do it faster if I concentrate, but who wants to do that!).

I downloaded the pattern for free from the Lily Sugar ‘N Cream website (you have to provide your email address, but I haven’t noticed any obnoxious spam or anything).  Here’s the link to the actual pattern: Chrysanthemum Dishcloth.  The instructions on the pattern, though, were just a little fuzzy on how to finish the very last round, so I’m posting some photos for you here to supplement (but please note that these pictures will make very little sense without the pattern).

This is the yarn. I love it. It’s 100% cotton, so it’s the perfect dishcloth yarn. It makes pretty amazing potholders, too. You can get it at almost any place that sells craft supplies.

Since the first portion of the directions are quite straightforward, we’re jumping to the point where you’ve finished your first color and are starting your second (a word to the wise: Don’t do it all in one color. I tried this, and it has much less impact).

Start your little shells around in the second color, according to the directions.

Now here’s where the fun begins (and I hope I pictured this so you can see it). You have alternated sc & ch across your first shell.  Now you’ll dip your hook down around the entire little blob of your previous sc, covering it with a new sc.

Next, you’ll continue running sc & ch down towards the center of the piece.  Just put your crochet hook through as shown, grab the thread, and work the sc.

Continue working down, as shown.

Then you’ll turn around and head back up the same way, until you’ve made one of these.

And it will look like this. Continue like this around the entire piece.

The back of your dishcloth will look like this.

And voila! You’re finished. Just tuck your tails in and you’ve got a great dishcloth.

There’s just one problem: The two people to whom I’ve given these so far (you know who you are) refuse to use them as dishcloths. “This will look great with a vase sitting on it!” (Whereupon I protest feebly that it’s a dishcloth!)

About Charity

I have an inexcusable number of cookbooks (and like to experiment with them), have worked in architectural antiques, and have been sewing most of my life. I recently graduated with a Ph.D. in Apparel, Merchandising, & Design from Iowa State University. Doing household things (except for cleaning!) and hunting for antiques are my favorite pastimes.
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5 Responses to Crocheted Chrysanthemum Dishcloths

  1. Ruth Calvin says:

    My friend makes another pattern and they are used for hot pads. Whatever jingles your bells…………………………

    • Jenny Calvin says:

      I think a hotpad is a good compromise! This is not as delicate and dainty as a typical doily, but it’s too pretty to use on dirty dishes.

  2. KIm says:

    Thanks for the pic’s, i was having issues with that part of the pattern.

  3. Dee says:

    Thank you! Thank you! I also was having problems with row 9! Your pictures helped me so much!!

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