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Ian’s “Stuff Postulates,” and Why Housecleaning Never, Ever, Ever Ends

I will here present to you, for reflection, Ian Voyles’ observations on the nature of Stuff (thanks to Mr. Voyles for his permission to reprint these here). Stuff will never fit back into the container from which it came. Ex: … Continue reading

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Decorating with Vintage Pieces

Last night, my friend Jade and I stayed up way too late arranging stuff. I can clean and arrange other people’s stuff — I can sagely advise my mom on what needs to leave her closet, clean my sister’s dresser … Continue reading

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A Productive Day! (And Some Vintage Decorating)

This morning, I hopped out of bed, went and got an emissions test for my CRV (and mentally cursed the politicians of Davidson County), talked on the phone to my best friend from college, and spent the afternoon at my … Continue reading

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Frozen Fruit Salad (With a Discourse on What Constitutes a Salad)

The president of a local university here in Nashville, not blessed with the privilege of having been raised in the South (bless his heart), recently expressed perplexity — and perhaps a little contempt — that salads here usually don’t consist … Continue reading

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Snapfish: What It Is, Why I Like It, and Why You Need It

Friends, meet Snapfish.  Snapfish is the Librarything for your pictures.  You upload your pictures, share them with your friends, print them, print your friends’ pictures, order photo books (but only if you have a coupon!), and order anything else photo-related … Continue reading

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Rotini Calvini

Jonathan and I went on a date Friday night to see the new X-Men movie. I was quite excited about it. So I went home as soon as I got off work, and put a pot of water on the … Continue reading

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Why No One Uses Cursive

Can you name someone under the age of 50 who has nice penmanship? I don’t mean someone who prints well, or someone who knows calligraphy — I mean someone who actually has beautiful handwriting and uses it more often than … Continue reading

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If You’re Into Old Movies, Fashion History, or Costuming…..

My friend Kelli sent this link to me, and I just had to share it with you guys.  A large collection of iconic movie costumes is being auctioned off in California. While I would love to own some of these, … Continue reading

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A Trick to Boost Your Dryer

A while ago, I read somewhere (don’t ask me where; I have the memory of a goldfish) that if you put a dry towel in your dryer with the wet clothes, it will dry faster.  I thought it sounded kinda … Continue reading

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