Storage Tip for Glass Pitchers, and a Recipe

Isn’t it disgusting when you pull out a glass pitcher that’s been in the cabinet for a month or so, and it’s got dust, gnats, and cobwebs in it?

Well, mine don’t. (They used to, though.) And here’s how I solved it:

If you cover your pitchers securely with Saran Wrap, they stay nice and clean so you can pull them out on a moment’s notice. And then you can use them for nice pretty things like this:

What’s in the pitcher in the picture, by the way, is an amazing mint limeade recipe from a cooking genius named Rufus who somehow found my blog.  It’s a bit of work (after squeezing ten limes, I made Jonathan do two more, and then made up the difference with bottled lime juice), but it’s delicious and quite worth the trouble.  You must try it.

And don’t you just love my hand crocheted tablecloth? Two dollars, yard sale off Battery Lane. Yes, I love it too.

About Charity

I have an inexcusable number of cookbooks (and like to experiment with them), have worked in architectural antiques, and have been sewing most of my life. I recently graduated with a Ph.D. in Apparel, Merchandising, & Design from Iowa State University. Doing household things (except for cleaning!) and hunting for antiques are my favorite pastimes.
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1 Response to Storage Tip for Glass Pitchers, and a Recipe

  1. Hee, hee. Cooking genius! Thanks for the shout out. Glad you liked the limeade! Good tip on the pitchers too. I had that problem with my martini glasses way in the back of my cabinet. My solution was to drink more martinis.

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