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How (Not) to Enter a Photo Contest, or Life Lessons from Cat Pictures

There’s this website from which I’m constantly coveting vintage-inspired dresses. I can’t afford them reasonably (not when I can sew the same thing for less than half the cost). And so, when they announced on their Facebook page that they … Continue reading

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Nanny’s Shrimp-Crab Salad

My grandmother (who we all call Nanny) came by the shop the other day with a little container of shrimp-crab salad.  I’d never heard of such a thing.  And I liked it. So I called her to get the recipe. … Continue reading

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Oh, the Glorious Finds!

Oh my goodness, people, it’s been a great weekend. I’m getting a little bonus at work this month, and so I felt justified in spending a little on frivolities for myself (like I need the excuse). And I hit the … Continue reading

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The Eagle Doorknob Origins

Some of you may remember my insane excitement over the eagle doorknob that my friend Mr. Fie gave me.  I’m in love with this doorknob.  My sister says I’ve proudly shown it to her three times.  But I couldn’t figure … Continue reading

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Tip for Cleaning a Garbage Disposal: A Lemon

I had never, ever had a garbage disposal before, until my husband and I moved into this apartment.  I think I like it.  But it can smell a little unclean occasionally, so here’s a good tip I came across — … Continue reading

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Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo

I love my Otter Creek church of Christ cookbook.  It was a wedding present from one of my favorite professors, and it’s definitely one of my favorite church cookbooks (and believe me, I’ve become a bit of a church cookbook … Continue reading

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Home Organization: Some Things Just Aren’t Worth It

My mother forwarded an email to me with this charming household tip: WHO EVER THOUGHT OF THIS SHOULD GET A GREEN MEDAL… WHAT A GREAT IDEA. NO MORE TWIST TIES OR RUBBER BANDS. This method is WATER PROOF AND AIR … Continue reading

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Macedonian Lentil Soup

This is a fantastic recipe that I just obtained from my Macedonian friend, Julia.  I would include a picture, but, unfortunately, Jonathan and I just ate almost every bite and there’s not really enough left for picture-taking.  And the bag … Continue reading

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