Tip for Rolling Out Cookies & Biscuits

To simplify cleanup if you’re making biscuits in a hurry (like yesterday, when I had guests sitting in the living room waiting for Sunday dinner), roll it out on wax paper instead of directly on your counter.  When you’re done, just swipe the entire mess into the trashcan instead of having to get flour and remnants of dough unstuck from your counter.

An additional tip, from my friend Mrs. Peggy: If you wipe your counter first with a wet rag and then immediately put down your waxed paper, it will stick and be less likely to move around when you need it to stay put!

About Charity

I have an inexcusable number of cookbooks (and like to experiment with them), have worked in architectural antiques, and have been sewing most of my life. I recently graduated with a Ph.D. in Apparel, Merchandising, & Design from Iowa State University. Doing household things (except for cleaning!) and hunting for antiques are my favorite pastimes.
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2 Responses to Tip for Rolling Out Cookies & Biscuits

  1. Ruth Calvin says:

    Regarding the biscuits, try the Pillsbury Southern style ones. Taste JUST as good as homemade!!!!!

  2. Ruth Calvin says:

    Oh. P.S. They are in the frozen section in the store.

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