The Great Big News

I read somewhere once that a large percentage of blog posts are explanations for why no posts have been posted. I’m about to join that percentage.

I’m writing this at my desk in the Textiles, Merchandising, & Interiors graduate student office at University of Georgia.  I’M IN GRAD SCHOOL!!!

Living room in my new apartment.

Living room in my new apartment.

In February, I was idly looking for grad schools again. I had been looking on and off since I graduated from college in 2009, but no program seemed like the right thing. Everything in the Southeast appeared to be either textile science or fashion merchandising, neither of which was quite what I wanted.  I don’t know what happened, but in mid February, my Google search popped up a new result: a Master’s degree in Historic/Cultural Aspects of Dress & Textiles.  I was ecstatic. And I was barely ahead of the deadline.

This entire spring and summer was a mad rush to submit all the pieces of the application before the deadline, figure out the financial end of it (or mostly figure it out, anyway), try to get in-state tuition (through a vast bureaucratic ordeal), find a house in Georgia, quit my job, and move over 300 miles away. None of it would have been possible without my husband’s support, my mother’s willingness to take spur-of-the-moment trips out of state (“Hi, Mama, would you like to go and help me look for an apartment in Georgia the day after tomorrow?”), and wonderful friends and family who made a five-hour trip down here just to help us unload and get settled.

I’m really going to miss my good friends and my doorknobs at Preservation Station, but I’m so excited that my collection of vintage and antique clothing will actually be relevant again, instead of just being stashed away in the top shelf of my closet.  All my fashion textbooks, that I couldn’t part with three years ago, are back in service.  And I got to identify cross sections of mercerized cotton under a microscope yesterday. This is fun.

About Charity

I have an inexcusable number of cookbooks (and like to experiment with them), have worked in architectural antiques, and have been sewing most of my life. I recently graduated with a Ph.D. in Apparel, Merchandising, & Design from Iowa State University. Doing household things (except for cleaning!) and hunting for antiques are my favorite pastimes.
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