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Hating Facebook Is Like Hating a Hammer

It’s quite popular these days to talk about how much you hate Facebook. “I should really delete my account,” a friend sighs, “but I just can’t do it.”  Another friend is convinced that Facebook is the root of all communication … Continue reading

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Two Excellent & Easy Recipes for Macaroni and Cheese

Finding a good macaroni and cheese recipe became a little bit of an obsession while I was in college.  I finally got one — actually, I got two.  Today I wanted to share these two macaroni and cheese recipes with … Continue reading

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Is Barbie an Unrealistic Menace? Evaluating Barbie in the Historic Context of the New Look

Barbie gets a bad rap these days.  She’s mocked for her body shape.  She’s translated into “real measurements” ad infinitum.  Mothers refuse to let their daughters play with Barbie because they might catch a “bad body image” from her.  Barbie … Continue reading

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