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Decorating with Antiques: Door Plates and Fashion Plates

Here’s a fun way to integrate a variety of small decor items — my friend Erin did this for me shortly after I moved into this house.  We have here some Eastlake hinges from the 1880s, antique monogrammed doorknobs, an … Continue reading

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How to Create a Sewing Pattern Inventory Database

I am pleased to announce that, after hours of research and experimentation, I have finally found what I consider to be the perfect solution to my years-old question of “how do I organize my sewing patterns??” The quick answer: Evernote.  … Continue reading

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Styling a $2.99 Dress Eight Different Ways for Fall

Today I went to Salvation Army to try to find a birthday present for my husband.  I was not successful in that.  As usually happens, however, I found something else: a $2.99 Ann Taylor knit jersey dress. I’ve been dealing … Continue reading

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Avoid All the Billionaires: A Guide to Discernment for Free Kindle Fiction

Since my husband gave me a Kindle for Christmas almost two years ago, I’ve maxed out most of the good freebie classics and have been reduced to browsing the Top 100 Free Bestsellers on  Sometimes, you find amazing stuff.  … Continue reading

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A Tour of the Sewing Room, Part 3

Here’s the conclusion to our little sewing room tour — if you missed parts 1 and 2, they are here and here.  In this episode, while we’ll be discussing a few last tools, we’ll also discuss some sewing room organization.  … Continue reading

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“But It’s a Good Shirt!” — An Apparel Autopsy

My good little sister, Lauren, brought me a J.Crew shirt the other day.  “My roommate threw it away because it ripped,” she explained. “I know it’s the fabric, not the stitching in the seam, but is there a way to … Continue reading

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Timeless Gems from Eastlake’s “Hints on Household Taste”

While 19th Century British author Charles Eastlake often gets a bad rap for being a pretentious, opinionated snob (and yes, that’s true to an extent), I found some charming little pieces in his classic Hints on Household Taste.  Opinionated he … Continue reading

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