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Julian’s Handy-Dandy Cooking Philosophy, and a Dill Cheeseball Recipe

After months of promising to contribute to The Blog Of My Sister, I have finally sat down and decided to make good.  It’s about time, I say.  And I’m sure Charity says so, too. Anyway, I thought I would begin … Continue reading

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A Tour of the Sewing Room, Part 2

Today we’re going to continue the tour of my favorite sewing tools. If you missed the first installment, it’s right here. Correct and careful pressing is one of the most important parts of sewing. (Which is why I almost had … Continue reading

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A Tour of the Sewing Room, Part 1

Good evening, friends!  I had intended to take you on a “before-and-after” tour of my sewing room, but the before pictures are, well, just embarrassing. And we haven’t quite gotten to “after” yet. I have too many sewing projects going … Continue reading

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Timeless Gems from Eastlake’s “Hints on Household Taste”

While 19th Century British author Charles Eastlake often gets a bad rap for being a pretentious, opinionated snob (and yes, that’s true to an extent), I found some charming little pieces in his classic Hints on Household Taste.  Opinionated he … Continue reading

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