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Two Excellent & Easy Recipes for Macaroni and Cheese

Finding a good macaroni and cheese recipe became a little bit of an obsession while I was in college.  I finally got one — actually, I got two.  Today I wanted to share these two macaroni and cheese recipes with … Continue reading

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How to Reheat Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Successfully

You know that feeling, when you’re PMS-ish, or grumpy, or depressed, and you get one of those bizarre food cravings? Some days I simply have to have a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese (even though I normally prefer my … Continue reading

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Pimiento Cheese Failure (and How to Avoid It)

When I was little, two of the highlights of my year were going to Aunt Julia’s house and to the Woodbury church of Christ annual ice cream supper at Mr. Boyd’s house.  What do these two have in common? Pimiento … Continue reading

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Julian & Charity’s Excellent Chicken Alfredo Lasagna with Spinach

Dear friends, we did it. Ju and I invented a recipe. After perusing the web in search of a good chicken alfredo lasagna recipe, we decided that we liked none of them, closed the browser, and made up our own … Continue reading

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Nanny’s Superb Banana Shakes

I’ve been on a banana shake kick here lately.  It’s great with breakfast. Or before bed when you’re trying not to eat chocolate. Or for a snack. Anyway! Here it is: Nanny’s Excellent Banana Shakes Serves 2. 1 banana 1 … Continue reading

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Julian’s Handy-Dandy Cooking Philosophy, and a Dill Cheeseball Recipe

After months of promising to contribute to The Blog Of My Sister, I have finally sat down and decided to make good.  It’s about time, I say.  And I’m sure Charity says so, too. Anyway, I thought I would begin … Continue reading

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Stuffed Goose Hot Chicken Casserole

One of my all-time favorite recipes, courtesy of the wonderful (and dearly departed) Stuffed Goose restaurant in Tullahoma, Tennessee. My friend Alyssa asked for the recipe, and I realized in horror that I hadn’t posted it here. So here it is! … Continue reading

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