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Camera Catastrophe Resolved

As mentioned in my previous post, I nearly had a heart attack the other day when my UV filter broke and I couldn’t get it off my camera. I’m happy to announce that the situation has now been resolved. Last … Continue reading

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May Flea Market Finds

Sunday afternoon, my friends Alyse and Brittany came up for lunch and the Nashville Flea Market. The excursion was a great success. We were standing in the Creative Arts Building arguing about who had the longest arms to take the … Continue reading

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Girls’ Night at Joann Fabrics — What the Nerds Do on Friday Night

A couple weeks ago, I got an invitation in my inbox to a party at Joann Fabrics.  A free party.  With free food and free craft stuff.  And so of course, I sent it to my little sister Lauren and … Continue reading

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(Hopefully) Minor Camera Catastrophe

Yes, I know a minor catastrophe is a contradiction.  It struck me as a catastrophe, but I’m hoping it’s easily fixable and therefore a minor one. Yesterday afternoon I panicked when I discovered that my UV filter on my camera … Continue reading

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All-Time Best Book on Draping & Flat Pattern: Hillhouse & Mansfield’s Dress Design, 1948

I have a favorite professor at Lipscomb University who has indirectly (and sometimes directly) caused me to accumulate too many sewing and fashion books.  During my freshman year of college, she let me borrow this book.  Three years and about … Continue reading

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Cool Money-Saving Tactic for Online Shopping: Ebates! introduced me to a cool website — gives you cash back on online purchases.  I used it for my last Snapfish order (more on that soon) when they were running a special, and got 12% back from my order. … Continue reading

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How to Polish Grandmother’s Antique Chandelier and Doorknobs

I have one word of instruction for you: DON’T!!  And if you must polish, DON’T lacquer it.  And here’s why. First of all, you’ll greatly decrease the value of your item.  Many antique dealers and collectors won’t purchase a chandelier … Continue reading

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Blueberry Muffins

Many years ago, I stole this recipe from the side of a Bisquick box (I think it was one of the first things I cooked by myself).  I’m all about using real ingredients and making things from scratch, but let’s … Continue reading

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If You Can’t Seem to Get It All Done

Last night, I was discouraged. I had planned to spend the day ridding the house of those accursed boxes, and I went to bed without a single box unpacked.  I was grumping about it, and Jonathan informed me that, despite … Continue reading

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My Favorite Cookie Sheet

This is my favorite cookie sheet.  I searched long and hard to find it.  Everything, everywhere, was that crappy nonstick stuff that burns your biscuits.  Yes, I know that you can set the oven temperature 25 degrees lower and it … Continue reading

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